Jenga of digital wellbeing


11h 41m, 4h 31m, 3h 32m

The forces at play go beyond the electronic device and the overtly devilish social algorithms.

The human part of the interaction

Although watching random short videos on Instagram or YouTube can never be considered as interacting with another human being, it rides on the very idea that this static one-sided pre-recorded projection of a human being is often preferable to the live interactions with the people we can connect to in real life.

The law of diminishing interests and taboo

Don’t let the deluge of comforting status updates put out on specific events due to peer-pressure or social-media trends fool you into thinking that they really want to talk to you about your problems.

Dating apps and stranger things

The effect is immediate — I keep waiting for replies from emotionally unavailable people and spend time worrying about them while ignoring perfectly well meaning people and their pings.

Social media — land of the Oompa loompas

It’s not you, it’s me and the cycle

There is this side of masochism in me in addition to the delicious idea of doing something that I am not supposed to do, something that is sure to mess up all the to-do items and keep postponing them till further notice.

D-Day :

D-Day + 3 :

Economics of insecurity, porn and guilt loop

I know it is mostly illusion and not pleasure, mostly desperation and not excitement in an industry which mostly caters to an awkward brand of boring male gaze and unrealistic body standards.

The legend of Jenga

The experiment

What are the activities which make me feel good about myself?

  1. Reading/ Learning.
  2. Writing.
  3. Recording my voice.
  4. Mindfully using YouTube (only for information, interviews and movies) and Instagram (only for conversations).
  5. Reducing overall mobile phone usage.

What are the things that make me panic and feel shitty about myself?

  • The number of unread books I have on Kindle and on the shelf?
  • The number of ideas that have not materialized into blogs or scripts?
  • The last time I recorded something for the channel?
  • The amount of time wasted on YouTube? …and it doesn’t stop there!
  • Failing to learn harmonica or ukulele despite having both of them!
  • Failing to backup pictures over cloud!

La Solution? — “single”

Day 1 — Tuesday

Day 2— Wednesday

  • Reading non-fiction was not a success the other day so there’s no reason why it would be any good the day after.
  • Writing needs a fair amount of inspiration which was missing.
  • YouTube and Instagram were out of bounds for the obvious reasons but if I didn’t act quickly, I would start mindlessly binge watching videos which is bound to fuck up the mobile phone usage as well.
  • I haven’t touched the recording gear in five months so it will take time to adjust.
  • If I record tonight, I will be late for bed and late the next morning so the cycle will be as is.
  • I had no rehearsals for the pieces I was to record so it won’t be good …and so on.

Thoughtful Thursday — Chain Reaction of Positivity

It is important to notice how similar the chain reactions of negativity and positivity function.

Music, mood and painkillers

Music lifts my mood. It makes me feel good. However, the effect is that of a painkiller. It gives immediate relief but the real disease is not dealt with.


These tiny activities do not seem like much on happy days but when going gets tough, these tiny things weigh down heavily on your guilt and have a field day with your insecurities.

Final words

  1. The possibility of there being an inertia to the apparently endless feeling of insecurity and dependency on digital madness which can only be cancelled by the unbalanced force of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps and doing things that makes one feel good about themselves.
  2. The possibility of formally calling the above as Newton’s first law of eMotion! ;)




A bi-lingual blog for the rare nods in the sea of overwhelming odds. Listen to me reading @

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A bi-lingual blog for the rare nods in the sea of overwhelming odds. Listen to me reading @

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